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Yep, you read that right, Salesforce Admin as a Service!  Didn’t think there could be one more “as a service” kind of offering in the market place huh?  Me too.  Until I took a fresh look at the Salesforce ecosystem in 2021 with the backdrop of seeing new CRM tools come out just about monthly in the tech news that promise to be easier to use for sales people, simple to administer, fast to work with etc.

The Salesforce Ecosystem: The Same for 10 Years

Generally speaking, here is what is available today in the Salesforce Ecosystem that has been pretty much the same for the last 10+ years:

  • The Salesforce App Exchange: High margin software products that make using Salesforce more simple, more cost effective etc.  Lots of options to choose from and great ideas being instantiated into software everyday.
  • High End Salesforce Consulting Practices:  These are the Deloittes, Accentures, PWCs and Cap Gemini’s of the world.  They typically work on massive projects with very large enterprises and focus on transformations that cost $5M on the low end and $250M on the higher end.
  • Regional Salesforce Consulting Practices:  These are the Wave6’s, Slalom’s and Coastal Cloud’s of the world that certainly can play ball with the bigger consulting practices, but tend to focus on smaller process or workflow transformations within a department of an enterprise or might do larger digital transformations for mid size companies.
  • Individual Salesforce Consultants:  These are the folks that have great experience working for one of these consulting companies or directly for a company that has gone through Salesforce transformation work and just have decided for one reason or another to do their own thing.  Most of these people focus their time and energy on small project based work to help streamline a current process or make significant changes to a Salesforce instance for a smaller company.

What’s Missing: Cost Effective, On-Demand Help

You guessed it, what is missing at the bottom of this ecosystem is a kind of company that can offload the basic day to day admin of Salesforce from those that have the unfortunate luck of having to do it for their company.  If you can even find someone to do this work full time for you

Lets be clear, NO ONE wants to do this grunt work.  No one wants to reset passwords, build new dashboards, load new contacts manually, add new users, remove old users, update permissions, user enablement, training, answering basic questions, doing research etc., but it still needs to get done and there is no offering in the market today to do this in a cost effective way…until now.

How Placeshift Helps

Placeshift is stepping into this open space and has created an offering we call “Placeshift Assist for Salesforce”.  A business focused on doing this grunt work for folks cost effectively and at scale.  We want and thrive on building a dashboard for a five person sales team in a small company.  Or the tedious cleanup work that a University needs completed before admission season begins.

To be clear, we are NOT focused on taking people’s jobs. We are focused on giving these folks an extra pair of hands to pull this administrative work off their plates and give them the time and space to do more of the high value work they were hired to do in the first place.

Placeshift’s Salesforce and Hubspot Assist subscription can help you make the most of your CRM and Marketing Automation investments by giving you access to on-demand Salesforce and Hubspot admin’s.  Visit to find out more