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You are a small or medium size business that has decided to use Salesforce as your CRM tool of choice for the revenue generating side of the house.   Maybe you are a Founder or even the first Sales hire for the company and all is well with your new, fresh and clean CRM system.

It’s now 6 months later and you have a few sales people on board and are thinking about hiring a Sales Ops team member to help streamline processes, build playbooks, help with quoting etc. 

And now here is one of the biggest mistakes sales leaders make, they hire a Salesforce Admin to lead Sales Ops or they hire a Sales Ops person to be the admin of their Salesforce instance.  Either way, a big mistake.  

These are two different roles, with two different skill sets and two different functions.  In fact, a company should not even be hiring a full time, salaried Salesforce admin till they have at least 30 users on the system.

Additionally, great Sales Ops folks won’t stick around long if they find out, after the fact, that what you really wanted all along was someone to make sure the Salesforce instance was maintained.  

So why do sales leaders continue to make this hiring mistake? 

Oftentimes it simply comes down to the leadership trying to save money by hiring one person to do both. 

In my experience, having helped build a number of startups and co founded a few more, making this mistake will almost always end badly for you as the leader and will always cost more money in the end, as one of three things will happen:

  1. The person quits because of complete overload or too much admin work
  2. The Salesforce instance becomes polluted because of poor admin hygiene
  3. The sales leadership and sales team don’t get what they need, on time to help do their job

So do yourself and your team a favor and hire the right person or company for the job at hand and use this handy graphic to help you understand what you really are looking for to enable your sales organization to really hum.

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