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  • A Dedicated Salesforce Admin
  • A Comprehensive Salesforce Health Audit
  • Help writing dashboards and reports
  • Expert Guidance
  • And More
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How Place Shift Works

Place Shift gives you a dedicated and experienced Salesforce Admin to support your business with a personalized plan that works for you and your budget!

Example of Personalized Plan:

Daily Tasks

Weekly Tasks

Monthly Tasks

  • Modify templates/field values
  • Install high-priority updates
  • Backup system

Quarterly Tasks

  • Identify and remove under-utilized reports
  • Identify and remove under-utilized roles or profiles
  • Review administrator audit logs

What Makes Us Different

Place Shift is focused on giving small businesses access to high-quality and friendly application support for Salesforce Sales and Service cloud

Small Business Focused

We only service businesses with 150 or fewer Salesforce users

Cutting Edge Tech

We’re building a cutting edge platform to streamline when and how we engage with you

Services Automation

We continually invest in automation to increase the quality and efficiency of all the work we do

Upfront Pricing, No Surprises

Starting at $99 per month!
Annual, paid in advance or Monthly for a 20% premium


$ 99

Per Month
For companies with up to  5 salesforce users


$ 199

Per Month
For companies with up to 10 salesforce users


$ 299

Per Month
For companies with up to 20 salesforce users


$ 449

Per Month
For companies with up to 30 salesforce users

You've got a business to run. Lets us worry about the clouds.

Placeshift is the first and only  full-service outsourced cloud application admin solution.

Placeshift can help your business get up and running quickly as well as do the daily chores for the most common cloud applications such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Zendesk and more!

Our Mission
Help small businesses level the playing field by providing enterprise level expertise at small business prices.


Solve your Salesforce Problems for only $99 a month